Can a home chef start a mobile restaurant?

A Complete Guide On How To Open A Food Van Business In India

Or perhaps you’re an entrepreneur searching for a unique business idea that will set you apart from the competition. Whatever your goals may be, the world of mobile Food PODs is an exciting one, and Indian mobile Food PODs manufacturer Hungry Wheels are at the forefront of this growing trend. Food trucks, food trailers, food […]

Custom Mobile Kitchen Food PODs – The Ultimate Solution for Food Entrepreneurs

multi cuisine cloud1000-mobile cloud kitchen

Mobile kitchens, also known as Food PODs, have revolutionised the food industry by offering entrepreneurs a cost-effective and flexible way to start their own food businesses. As India’s first Food PODs manufacturer Hungry Wheels plays a crucial role in this process by creating custom mobile kitchens that are tailored to meet the unique needs and […]

India is hungry for outdoor dining

hungrywheels food pod cloud1000 in eco parks

Presenting the greatest F&B growth platform! India is renowned for its culinary traditions, and street food is a significant part of this rich heritage. Street food has been an integral part of Indian culture for ages, with vendors serving up scrumptious and affordable food on the streets of every city and town. India is now […]

Why doesn’t your food truck have restaurant infrastructure? Its a jugaad!!


Don’t compromise on your family’s health, just as you wouldn’t cut corners on construction. In the world of building, MEP—mechanical, electrical, and plumbing—engineering is the intricate science behind a structure’s essential systems. Rather than mere installations, MEP involves specialized planning and design by engineering firms. It’s crucial for accurate documentation, cost estimation, and maintaining buildings. […]