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Outdoor dining – the mega trend sweeping the globe to save the F&B industry


Amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, India’s dining scene is undergoing a remarkable transformation to reassure and entice its patrons. Here’s a closer look at the innovative steps being taken.

Undoubtedly, the hospitality and restaurant sector has borne the brunt of the Covid-19 crisis. In India, restaurants faced prolonged closures during nationwide lockdowns, only to reopen to a fraction of their usual foot traffic. Concerns over hygiene and safety within enclosed spaces have led many customers to opt for home dining or seek outdoor eating alternatives.

While enclosed spaces struggle to generate revenue beyond 40% of pre-pandemic levels, outdoor dining experiences are proving to be a lifeline for those adapting to new norms.

Sridevi, a Food Consultant from Bengaluru, highlights this shift in consumer behavior. “If you confine yourself, revenues won’t exceed 40% of what they used to be. Outdoor dining is making up for these losses among those yet to embrace the changing landscape.”

In a similar vein, New York City confronted a comparable challenge—urging diners to visit eateries while maintaining social distancing. Mayor Bill de Blasio intends to make outdoor dining a permanent fixture for thousands of restaurants. The ‘Open Streets’ initiative, which allowed restaurants to expand onto 85 car-free streets during the pandemic, garnered praise for reimagining public spaces and supporting the industry.

Meanwhile, in Paris, a resurgence of cafe culture is evident as bars and bistros spill onto pavements. Relaxed rules regarding outdoor terraces for dining establishments are poised to create an unmistakably Parisian summer ambiance.

A typical weekend scene in rue d’Aligre, near Place de la Bastille in Paris’s 12th arrondissement, once adorned with bustling fruit and vegetable stalls, now sees the streets transformed. The covered market stalls relocated for better social distancing, paving the way for bistro and bar owners to arrange tables and chairs along the pavement and parking spaces.

Although cafes and restaurants can now partially reopen indoors due to social distancing regulations, Mayor Hidalgo has extended new terrace rules until at least the end of September. This presents an opportunity to permanently reshape the outdoor dining landscape. Hidalgo envisions reclaiming Parisian spaces by limiting car access, emphasizing pedestrian-friendly streets, green areas, and prioritizing alternative modes of transportation like bikes and scooters.

Mobile Restaurants by Hungry Wheels are at the forefront of this revolution, bringing the heart of the F&B industry to unexpected locales. From apartment gardens to IT park parking lots, public spaces, and community parks, they craft unforgettable outdoor dining experiences, reshaping conventional norms.

The narrative of outdoor dining is evolving, promising a revitalized dining experience beyond the confines of traditional restaurant settings.

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