Everything you need
to grow your brand
without worrying about
Compliance, Capital and Location Risks!
Replace 28+ tasks and expand across cities without project delays, with easy compliance, while saving rentals, never shutting an outlet again and accessing hungry customers every time, by quickly giving wheels to your QSR brand.
Never shut an outlet, again
Free 100sq. ft. mobile hoarding
Monetise your idle kitchen
Access new locations with zero investment
Unlock New demand and customers
Zero need of delivery or ad commissions
IT parks, apartments and more
High footfall, entertainment events
Upgrade your outdoor catering to QSR
Enhance your brand image
Flexi-design fits any cuisine
Electric, compliant kitchens
Built on years of
rigorous research
Choose your parking circuit
Move where demand is
waiting and hungry

Grow minus the growing pains!

Hungry Wheels provides beautiful, modern and restaurant grade kitchens on wheels, or ‘mobile restaurants’ as we call them. Hungry Wheels ‘mobile restaurants’ come in two models,’CLOUD1000′ and ‘DROPLET500’. With Hungry Wheels mobile restaurants, you can grow minus the growing pains! Access demand where it is waiting, and hungry! Create unforgettable experiences around your brand! Build your brand image with world class facilities and vehicles! These key benefits possibly make Hungry Wheels the most feasible growth channel for the F&B industry. Jai hind!

Move where demand is, waiting, and hungry

Outdoor catering

From any Indian cuisine to Asian, to Italian and the craftsmanship of Japanese you can offer an unparalleled selection of mobile cuisine to suit every taste thanks to our restaurant grade mobile kitchens. You can cater to diverse menu preferences and dietary restrictions with ease, carefully grouping your menu together to craft a custom event experience each time.

IT & Corporate Parks, Apartments

Unlike other providers, Hungry Wheels brings unmatched efficiency to your daily meal needs with the ability to feed thousands – and to disappear just as quickly as we arrived thanks to our clock-work logistics. Expect great experiences with all of the food your guests crave, and none of the footprint.

Music, art and cultural Events

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