World Class Mobile Restaurants
Flexi-design ready for any cuisine
Safe, flameless and energy efficient
Smart, ergonomic and business friendly vehicles
Lowest Investment For Speedy Growth
Flexi-movement for maximum demand
Flexi-parking for maximum revenue
Flexi-services for operating convenience
100% Compliance
100% RTO compliant
100% FSSAI compliant
100% Swacch Bharat compliant


Doing an event? Looking to do something new?
Get the city's best restaurants to come to you!
Be it a birthday, office party, apartment gathering, wedding, or a cook-out!
Promo code: pop-up

Built on 6+ years
of rigorous research
Choose your parking circuit
move when you like
Manage multiple mobile restaurants
pan-India with proprietary IntelliTech

Welcome Hungry Wheeler​

Welcome to Hungry Wheels!
We give wheels to your restaurant with ultra-modern and hygienic mobile restaurants.

Our Hungry Wheels journey started with a passion to bring hygienic, nutritious, and fresh food to every citizen of India. After spending 40+ years living across India and relishing almost every cuisine in every corner, we realised that increasing access to fresh, healthy and nutritional food was key to nation building. Since 2013, we, at Hungry Wheels have invested 150+ years of our collective experience in rigorous research, product design, and service innovation. Possibly making it the most feasible growth channel for serious restaurateurs, home chefs and beyond. 

As a Defence Veterans initiative, you can expect us to go above and beyond your expectations. We will serve you with the same honour, ethics, dedication and commitment that we followed while we were in service.

Hungry Wheels aims to become a resilient platform for Entrepreneurship and Employment in the F&B industry.

I dedicate Hungry Wheels to the service of the nation!

Jai hind!

Mobile Restaurants Are For Everyone

Expand your brand

Calling caterers, hoteliers, and restaurant owners thinking of expanding in the city, now you can easily, with the minimal capital investment offering

Grow pan-India

City, state and regional players looking to expand their footprint can easily do so now, with pan-India End-to-End regulatory compliance

Start-up a mobile restaurant

Chefs, students, home-chefs, can finally reduce business risks by selling where demand is, with Pre-Approved parkings

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