With prime locations already taken by legacy brands and real-estate expensive, Food PODs park where demand is waiting and hungry! Unlock limitless growth for your franchisees.

imagine your brand on every corner

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Cook, Serve, Grow ON-DEMAND

Restaurant Grade Kitchens keep the cash registers ringing with quick service in apartments, offices and beyond.

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Gain the power of proximity

Park your FOOD PODs strategically in high-footfall neighbourhoods, serve faster and fresher food to build customer love.

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Create fearlessly

The only platform is for creators and magicians of the kitchen - who want to grow without the heavy burden of traditional brick-and-mortar.

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Move With The Demand

Move, park, and create memorable outdoor dining experiences. Build your tribe whereever they are.

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Offer the food POD format

HungryWheels provides custom Food PODs to your franchisees. We’ll manage all the details - from design to fitouts.


ride on FREE branding

Get high-visibility, highly valuable mobile hoarding wrapper and signage branding on your food PODs for FREE!


multiply your footprint

HungryWheels is the fastest Go-To-Market platform. So you can grow faster, leaner and wider, and more.

The fastest go to market platform​

Food PODs increase your competitive advantage, market share and profits.

Model 'L'

The ‘Light’ kitchen model is purpose-built for cold products, Ready To Eat and single-product brands – like ice-cream brands.

Model 'S'

The ‘Speedy’ kitchen model is suitable for high-speed reheating needed by chefs, RTE and Ready-to-cook brands

Model 'Q'

The ‘Quick’ service kitchen model is built for the highest performance needs of high-speed, high-volume QSRs and hotel brands.

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