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We’ll manage all the details – from design to fit-outs.

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Food PODs increase your competitive advantage, market share and profits.

Model 'L'

The ‘Light’ kitchen model is purpose-built for cold products, Ready To Eat and single-product brands – like ice-cream brands.

Model 'S'

The ‘Speedy’ kitchen model is suitable for high-speed reheating needed by chefs, RTE and Ready-to-cook brands

Model 'Q'

The ‘Quick’ service kitchen model is built for the highest performance needs of high-speed, high-volume QSRs and hotel brands.



sketch it on a napkin

We purpose build each Food POD to your specs. Once you send us a sketch, sit back and relax. Let us create the leanest, meanest profit making machine for you.


Cook, serve and grow

They work like any regular commercial kitchen - electric, safe and flameless. Built to FSSAI standards, with world-class material science and multiple layers of system design.


grow without headaches

No recurring design and project management headaches like brick and mortar locations like ghost kitchens, or malls. Once you finalise your layouts, we deliver them at Hello!

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