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Unlock the value of every square foot while bringing new jobs, goods, and services to your neighbourhood. Make your property the new heart of the neighbourhood.


Old-school tenants only occupy constructed or brick-and-mortar spaces. HungryWheels monetises open air spaces on your property too, including locations where permanent structures are not allowed.

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Empty Plots

While you wait for the real-estate market to pick up in your location, maximise your earnings with Food POD parkings.
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Industrial Parks

Industrial Development Corporations can finally create attractive Food POD experiences outside canteens - for junior to mid and top level management of occupants.
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Fuel & E-charge Stations

Electric Food PODs can plug and give an additional revenue plus create stickiness with a drive-in or take-away experience.
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Building Backyarks

Unlock nearby demand with fastest delivery for cloud-kitchens, dark kitchens, and ghost kitchens in CBD building parking or offsets.
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Ocean Fronts

Create sunrise to sunset experiences with safe, hygienic and CRZ compliant Food PODs.
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Parking Lots

Parking management, parking operators and Toll plaza operators can now unlock consistent revenue from empty spots.
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Pop-up & Events

Event companies can create unforgettable mobile F&B parks by partnering with HungryWheels.
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Sports Stadiums

IPL, BCCI, ISL, Kabaddi League, Badminton stadiums, and private Sports Arenas can now generate additional income and traction by creating parking for Food PODs.
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Public Utilities

Clean and hygienic and light nutritious food can earn you blessings from relatives, attendants and patients if you create a Food POD parking.
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Office & IT Parks

Investors, management companies, admin departments and developers can create flexible, dynamic and refreshing open air large-scale cafe experiences without sacrificing any FAR/FSI.
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Apartments & Villaments

Resident Welfare Associations can earn revenue and delight their residents with FSSAI compliant, refreshing, child friendly and silver surfer friendly Food PODs.
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Tourist Locations

Tourist Development Corporations can improve the state's tourist friendly and innovation image with fresh, hygienic and culturally relevant food - from Zero emmission Food PODs.



List Your Property

Join our Food POD network. We’ll design your space, identify the best-fit brands for your space and create happy experiences.


Activate Your Space With Us

Support your neighbourhood. We’ll activate all your outdoor space, including the ones your leasing or brokers can't.


Earn Passive Income

Collect monthly fees for each Food POD on your property. We get your the brands, while your property value multiplies.

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