Is ‘Food Tech’ the past or the future? How does it track you, learn about you, feed you?

Mankind’s search for finding its context and new lands of opportunity has been going on since the beginning of life itself. In the past 3-4 decades, we stopped making maps to  find where we are. Instead eCommerce started a new movement of Demand Maps or Heat Maps.

Now, software uses you as a landmark, with humans around you as a triangulation of demand and your food consumption as one of the layers of creating a demand topography. The higher your frequency of ordering, higher chances you are a couchy consumer, hence steeper the mountain of your value to the software.

Yes, software has been automatically assigning you a value for decades. Thanks to Covid, the maps are more Food and Grocery centric consumption centric.

At Hungry Wheels we have been collaborating and researching how new cartography would look, over-layed with your food ordering habits. These images are an attempt to showcase how the new Food Cartography looks.

Choose which one is you…
Food Cartography Bengaluru Hungry Wheels Edible diaries 01 01

Spot a friend?

Food Cartography Bengaluru Hungry Wheels Edible diaries 01 02

Recognise anyone you know?

Food Cartography Bengaluru Hungry Wheels Edible diaries 01 03

This is an open project, if you love maps, are a cartographer, or have an insight you’d like to write about with us?

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Do share your food art projects with us.

Vikram Sood

Mobility architect, system designer, and ecosystem builder
Since 2012, he has developed various scalable vehicle platforms and solutions for retail, logistics, and defense. As a possibilist, futurist, and innovator, Vikram’s designs have powered the success of Food POD mobile kitchens at ITC, TAJ Hotels, Qmin, Manipal Group, and more.

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