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Design thinking at work in Hungry Wheels (part 2)

In 2018 we began with one goal – Create the ‘Best Place Kitchen To Work’ for every Chef.

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With entrepreneurship comes great power and equal responsibility of wearing multiple hats. This seemingly small and harmless discovery hides within it a revolutionary transformation for a Chef. This means they need to multitask, interact with customers, assist in purchase decisions, cook, maybe even bill and don’t forget staff management and procurement.

This complex discovery showed us the make-or-break role Experience Design would play in the success and wellbeing of a Hungry Wheels Chefpreneur. A project this complex needed us to bring together square pegs and round holes. The Hungry Wheels team behind the seemingly simple experience a Chef has today is a never before seen cross-discipline team of players who have probably never come together – a digital System Designer, a Furniture Designer, a Business Model Architect, a Communications Specialist, a Logistics Expert, and an Army veteran.

The Hungry Wheels experience for every Chefpreneur is built on the S.U.M. philosophy created by Vikram Sood, S.U.M. stands for ‘Simplified, Unified, Monetisable’.

The S.U.M. framework guided the Hungry Wheels team to build a synergetic system between the seemingly impossible triangle of:

  1. Trustable Kitchens-On-Wheels
  2. Flexible Interior Systems
  3. Friendly-Technology

This became the foundation for our city model – CLOUD1000 the cloud-kitchen-on-wheels innovation, which is being launched in the middle of UNLOCK4.0 of covid19.

CLOUD1000 is the entrepreneurship platform India needs more than ever and right now. So micropreneurs can enjoy the freedom mobility from Hungry Wheels is bringing to commerce.

Don’t take our word for it, come, cook up a storm.

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