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Daily earning with a food truck or pod?

Daily earning with a food truck or pod?

When it comes to daily earnings, understanding the factors that influence revenue becomes pivotal. At Hungry Wheels, our exploration has delved into several crucial variables that significantly impact a food truck or pod’s average revenue per day.

Quality of the product, the culinary positioning, brand image, dish pricing, and parking circuits—these elements have all undergone extensive testing. Over four years of meticulous research have culminated in the discovery of the “Secret Sauce,” a culmination of our findings that we share as a gift when you embark on your journey with a Kitchen POD. (We’ll delve into this topic further in Edible Memories.)

We’ve rigorously tested Kitchen PODs to determine if they truly mean business. Our pursuit was not just about convincing ourselves but about evaluating whether the monthly earnings from Hungry Wheels PODs could rival those from a corporate office job, offering the comfort of a 24-degree office.

The modern design, aesthetic appeal, restaurant-grade infrastructure inside, and transformation into a 600-square-feet mobile hoarding with your brand’s identity—these features of Hungry Wheels PODs have exceeded not only our expectations but also those of chefs and brands.

Before we dive into the impressive numbers, let’s take you through a snippet of our journey of exploration.

The Cloud1000, with its flexible design, allows us to experiment with various cuisines. From Spanish, American, and Japanese to regional Indian cuisines like Gowda food, Mangalorean, Dosa, Wraps, Burgers, Punjabi, and Gujarati dishes—we’ve explored diverse culinary realms. If you have a unique cuisine in mind, simply let us know!

A crucial realization in our analysis was that earnings from the PODs significantly hinge on the parking spot’s nature:

– Apartment

– Street

– Event

– Office complex/IT Park

Moreover, the duration of the POD’s stay at a particular location also plays a role:

– Pop-up (Up to 3 days)

– Weekly (3 – 7 days)

– Monthly (7 – 30 days)

At Hungry Wheels, we assess business through a straightforward matrix—Average Daily Sales (ADS). Across various cuisines, parking locations, and durations, our ADS ranged from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 85,000 per day (equivalent to 6 hours or two meal periods). These figures were observed in the conservative spending and low revenue market of Bangalore.

Our excitement peaked when we came across The Scroll’s insightful video on the earnings of a street vendor selling South Indian Dosa in Mumbai. The Unit Economics presented therein serve as an eye-opener and offer a solid benchmark for the potential growth one can anticipate by starting a Kitchen POD in Mumbai.

Hungry Wheels PODs grant you an unfair advantage—an exceptional modern design, appealing aesthetics, restaurant-grade infrastructure, and a 600-square-feet mobile hoarding bearing your brand—prowling the cityscape.

Looking to Buy Your Own Food Truck?

At Hungry Wheels, we offer a fantastic opportunity for aspiring food entrepreneurs to own their very own food truck! Our website features a range of food trucks available for purchase, equipped with modern amenities and designed to meet your culinary dreams.

Whether you’re starting a new venture or expanding your food business, our collection includes diverse food truck options catering to various cuisines and needs. From stylish, compact trucks to larger, fully equipped mobile kitchens, our selection is curated to match different preferences and budgets.

To explore our available food trucks for sale, visit our website’s dedicated section on Food Trucks. Browse through our listings, each offering detailed specifications, images, and pricing information. Take the first step towards owning your food truck and kickstart your culinary journey with Hungry Wheels!

Visit our website today and discover the perfect food truck that fits your vision and ambition.

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