hungrywheels brand identity

open kitchens to build brand trust

Stop keeping your brand in the dark. Stop being stuck to one location. Stop limiting your growth to a screen. Park where your customers are waiting… and hungry!

The fastest go to market platform​

Food PODs increase your competitive advantage, market share and profits.

Model 'L'

The ‘Light’ kitchen model is purpose-built for cold products, Ready To Eat and single-product brands – like ice-cream brands.

Model 'S'

The ‘Speedy’ kitchen model is suitable for high-speed reheating needed by chefs, RTE and Ready-to-cook brands

Model 'Q'

The ‘Quick’ service kitchen model is built for the highest performance needs of high-speed, high-volume QSRs and hotel brands.

cook, serve, grow with food pods

the Happiest space for chefs



park near DEMAND

Choose where your customers are - in lively neighborhoods, enable take-away and faster delivery of fresher food to more customers.


Brand your POD

Each Food POD has 600 sqft mobile media space, plus overhead signage and more. Each worth its weight in gold for brand visibility.​


multiply profits

We charge zero commisions, zero delivery costs, these zero constraints mean higher sales, higher profits and higher growth potential.​

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