Why call our magazine ‘Edible Memories’?

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We debated for a long while, on why, what and when? The trend/ fad of cooking up content doesn’t quiet belong in a kitchen, unless its an instagram kitchen.

At Hungry Wheels we find that we have a whole going on. After all we are constantly innovating, which means we are constantly staying open, and researching. As we spent time understanding what we are doing, and its impact, one thing became very clear – we wanted to create memories with our customers.

Our PODs are designed to create genuine and lasting memories which are about the joy of food, safety of the outdoors, and sharing ideas openly over a meal or a juice or any edible memory. That is how naturally we found the name – EDIBLE MEMORY. a hungry wheelers diary.

As chefs, home chefs, brands, caterers and QSR start serving fresh food, cooked right in front of your eyes – it keeping the cash registers ringing. And you become rich with genuine food, made by genuine people who care to put love into their food.

If you want to learn more about outdoor dining, please check out this short article from Edible Diaries, by clicking HERE

You can also write for us, and share an idea with the editor on em@hungrywheels.in

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