Smart Mobile Restaurants For Smart Cities

Hungry Wheels provides R.T.O., F.S.S.A.I. and Local Body approved mobile restaurant vehicles across India. These designed and premium mobile restaurant vehicles will transform the street-food culture of any city, by elevating the city’s hygiene and food experience. They are made with world class ergonomics, state-of-the-art materials and ultra modern technology. It is a first of its kind solution, where the vehicle, comprehensive services, pre-approved parking and the IntelliTech platform are provided as a service, for an affordable monthly fee. Our solutions are designed to ease a new and an existing restaurateurs’ burden by eliminating the headaches of managing non-core activities. Painstakingly put together by ex-servicemen, designers, technologists, and logistics experts after years of extensive and rigorous research.

Business Friendly
Quick Service
Mobile Restaurants
100% Compliance
Ergonomic Design
Zero Location Shut Downs
Ease Of Doing Business
Get drivers anytime, everyday
Pre-approved parkings
Restaurant Grade Kitchens
Modern & Beautiful Vehicles
Dome Branding Attracts Customers

Hungry to grow?
Start a smart mobile restaurant

As a Hungry Wheeler, you will benefit from the lowest initial investment which is unprecedented in the Indian restaurant industry. Your signing-up with Hungry Wheels will open up a host of customisation options to suit your vision and cuisine, while our teams will work tirelessly for you helping you run your mobile restaurant smoothly.

Your Custom Mobile Restaurant
Your Hungry Wheels mobile restaurant is completely brandable, you can apply your brand elements or visual identity on the surface of the mobile restaurant vehicle. Also, you can customise the kitchen layout and equipment based on your menu/ cooking convenience.

Your Parking Circuit
As a Hungry Wheeler, you get to choose your Hungry Wheels Parking circuit to which we would ply your mobile restaurant on time.

Arrive at Office
When you arrive at your scheduled parking your mobile restaurant would be waiting. The IntelliTech platform automatically announces your mobile restaurant as “open” on social media. When you close for the day, just lock and walk. Your day at the office would be on par with any corporate/ business setup.

Serve & Grow
With all things coming together, you are now ready to serve your tasty servings to the arriving audience. Set up your POS terminals and let it start ringing with profits.


Welcome Hungry Wheeler

Welcome to Hungry Wheels!
We give wheels to your restaurant with ultra-modern and hygienic mobile restaurants.

Our Hungry Wheels journey started with a passion to bring hygienic, nutritious, and fresh food to every citizen of India. After spending 40+ years living across India and relishing almost every cuisine in every corner, we realised that increasing access to fresh, healthy and nutritional food was key to nation building. Since 2013, we, at Hungry Wheels have invested 150+ years of our collective experience in rigorous research, product design, and service innovation. Possibly making it the most feasible growth channel for serious restaurateurs, home chefs and beyond. 

As a Defence Veterans initiative, you can expect us to go above and beyond your expectations. We will serve you with the same honour, ethics, dedication and commitment that we followed while we were in service.

Hungry Wheels aims to become a resilient platform for Entrepreneurship and Employment in the F&B industry.

I dedicate Hungry Wheels to the service of the nation!

Jai hind!

Mobile Restaurants Mean Business

Expand your brand

Calling caterers, hoteliers, and restaurant owners thinking of expanding in the city, now you can easily, with the minimal capital investment offering

Grow pan-India

City, state and regional players looking to expand their footprint can easily do so now, with pan-India End-to-End regulatory compliance

Start-up a mobile restaurant

Chefs, students, home chefs, can reduce business risk by being where demand is, with Pre-Approved parkings and mobile discovery & ordering platform

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