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Move your flavours Where your food is in favour

Use our ergonomic and international quality FOOD PODs to expand your brand with minimal capital or overhead. It’s time to share your food with the world.

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The fastest go to market platform​

Food PODs increase your competitive advantage, market share and profits.

Model 'L'

The ‘Light’ kitchen model is purpose-built for cold products, Ready To Eat and single-product brands – like ice-cream brands.

Model 'S'

The ‘Speedy’ kitchen model is suitable for high-speed reheating needed by chefs, RTE and Ready-to-cook brands

Model 'Q'

The ‘Quick’ service kitchen model is built for the highest performance needs of high-speed, high-volume QSRs and hotel brands.



Plan Your Expansion

Choose where demand for your food is highest, then let us create the leanest, meanest profit making machine.


Choose Your Kitchen

Pick one of HungryWheels custom kitchens to grow. We’ll manage all the details - from design to fitouts.


Multiply Your Food Empire

Zero commissions, zero fees, and zero hidden charges. We are the platform you were waiting for all these years.

unlock your creativity

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Serve the Nation

HungryWheels’s FOOD PODS come with Restaurant Grade Kitchens that allow quick service in apartments, offices and beyond.

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Grow with the On-Demand economy

Access lively neighbourhoods, enable take-away and faster delivery of fresher food to more customers.

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Create fearlessly with zero headaches

The only platform is for creators and magicians of the kitchen - who want to grow without the heavy burden of traditional brick-and-mortar.

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Your window to unlimited brand love

Move day-to-day, park anywhere, create memorable outdoor dining experiences. Bring a fresh food experience to the last mile.