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India is moving, a restaurant’s customers move multiple times a day today – eased by modern and affordable mobility solutions like shared taxis, metros etc. Till now restaurants have had no option but to shut down due to a wrong location.

With Hungry Wheels mobile restaurant you will never shut down a restaurant ever again! You have complete freedom to choose where you want to be, when and for how long, we move you to where demand is, multiple times a day. So whether you are a hotel, Restaurant, FoodPreneur, Student or a Home chef don’t have to worry, you don’t shut down and lose any money. Want to start? START

Your this worry is genuine, and is adequately addressed, as you choose your parking circuit in pre-approved locations with very-high footfalls, and we move you where demand is waiting and hungry. You can move move as many times a day as you like, to ensure that you maximise your potential.

Secondly, your eye-catching signage and external brand wrapper will give you ultra-high visibility by day and night, attracting the attention and imagination of passersby and people walking around at street-level.

Over and above this Hungry Wheels gives you technology for customer attraction and retention, the ‘Discovery App’ will drive people near you to you. The Hungry Wheels ‘IntelliTech’ platform will spread your message across digital media and mobiles to people near you. This will create a very-high inflow of customers v/s an old-world restaurant which is stuck in one location only. Further, this will speed up sales and eliminate daily food wastage.

The offering is comprehensive and comprises the approved vehicle, a host of services and holistic technology platform which makes life easy while you are busy making money on the street. These solutions are designed to take away all the headaches of managing non-core activities.

You can choose to only bring in your staff and raw-materials, cook, serve, and collect payments. At the end of the day you can just walk out leaving everything to Hungry Wheels to do it for you. And all you pay is a monthly fee, without having to own the vehicle, minus the headache of engineering and fitting everything within, with zero capital-investment on interiors and M.E.P. infrastructure.

Your mobile restaurant is 100% customised to your design requirement, operational processes and cuisines. The ‘Flexi-design’ technology from Hungry Wheels makes all cuisines possible, thereby the only limitation is ones imagination, as customer’s palate and paying capacity are no longer risk factors, as with Hungry Wheels mobile restaurants you can move to where demand is, when it is hungry. Keen to speak to our team of experts? Do it now!

Hungry Wheels brings to you a premium offering, meant for anyone!!! Anyone who is serious about leveraging the potential created by the movement of people across and outside cities for work and leisure. This new channel for growth gives wheels to institutions and corporates in F&B like restaurateurs, caterers, hoteliers, and also to individuals like chefs, home chefs, students by creating absolutely new restaurant experiences in places no one has even dreamt of. You get all this and all you pay is a monthly fee.

The mobile restaurant concept has been launched by Hungry Wheels. Every Hungry Wheels mobile restaurant comes furnished with self-sustaining M.E.P. (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing), infrastructure, end-to-end compliance and the IntelliTech platform for easy operations management and monitoring remotely. Every Hungry Wheels mobile restaurant is ultra-modern, ergonomic, compact, safe, hygienic and designed to handle any cooking process or cuisine in a 1000 cubic feet area. They are agile, ready move anytime, to any place, and maximise the opportunity as they are always ready for you to cook and serve from the moment you park. Ready to tap the opportunity? Contact us

Of course you can do that, this jugaad way of doing business works for those with a short term plan. However, if you want to do a legal business, build a brand, and create value you will need a platform with all necessary compliances in place. We recommend you research by talking to your local food-truck or food-auto players. You will find that they are unable to do business in peace, they get only few
hours of business 2-3 days a week, as they do not have necessary compliances in place. If you are an ethical and serious Foodpreneur or F&B brand, Hungry Wheels provides you end-to-end compliance and is street legal, pan-India. We may not be in your city yet, we are coming soon near you. Want to unlock your city? The key

Your mobile restaurant is custom built for you, customised as per your design requirement, operational processes and cuisines. Your mobile restaurant comes ready to plug and play, you can can start business the very day you get delivery.

Welcome Hungry Wheeler

Welcome to Hungry Wheels!
We give wheels to your restaurant with ultra-modern and hygienic mobile restaurants.

Our Hungry Wheels journey started with a passion to bring hygienic, nutritious, and fresh food to every citizen of India. After spending 40+ years living across India and relishing almost every cuisine in every corner, we realised that increasing access to fresh, healthy and nutritional food was key to nation building. Since 2013, we, at Hungry Wheels have invested 150+ years of our collective experience in rigorous research, product design, and service innovation. Possibly making it the most feasible growth channel for serious restaurateurs, home chefs and beyond.

As a Defence Veterans initiative, you can expect us to go above and beyond your expectations. We will serve you with the same honour, ethics, dedication and commitment that we followed while we were in service.

Hungry Wheels aims to become a resilient platform for Entrepreneurship and Employment in the F&B industry.

I dedicate Hungry Wheels to the service of the nation!

Jai hind!

Mobile Restaurants Mean Business

Expand your brand

Calling caterers, hoteliers, and restaurant owners thinking of expanding in the city, now you can easily, with the minimal capital investment offering

Grow pan-India

City, state and regional players looking to expand their footprint can easily do so now, with pan-India End to End Regulatory Compliance by Hungry Wheels

Start-up a mobile restaurant

Chefs, students, home-chefs, can finally reduce business risks by selling where demand is, with Pre-Approved Parkings
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