Some Recently and Frequently Asked Questions...

The Hungry Wheels model is to provide you Ease Of Doing Business pan-India. It provides Mobility As A Service, for a monthly fee. This includes drivers, parking, technology, preventive maintenance plus other services.

‘Flexi-Tile’ technology makes all interior layouts, and cuisines possible as per your design. Chef’s have cooked Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Spanish, American, and Continental. Sky’s the limit, choose the road less travelled.

Your mobile restaurant is free to roam and be parked where you see demand. You pick and we park you there. Let’s go Contact us

F&b is not an easy business, definitely not for the faint hearted. Hence, Hungry Wheels follows a stringent KYC process which ensures those serious food make the cut. Hungry Wheels is an Entrepreneurship Platform for upgrading street food vendors, starting up students/chefs, growing caterers, hoteliers, restauranteurs. Now you can, with Hungry Wheels.

A goods truck or three-wheeler retro-fitted with a jugaad kitchen is called a Food Truck. It is unsafe, unhygienic and has very bad ergonomics and economics, which limit your business potential thereby making it a. bad jugaad and a waste of your hard earned money. 

The ‘Cloud Kitchen on Wheels’ model ‘Cloud1000’ launched by Hungry Wheels, is a part of its Mobile Restaurant offering for the F&B industry. These are modern, modular and beautiful caravans purpose-built to be fitted with restaurant grade electric kitchens which are good for business, as it unlocks the potential of earning restaurant / Cloud Kitchen revenue while enjoying the flexibility of riding on Hungry Wheels.

Each Mobile Restaurant model from Hungry Wheels, including the Cloud1000 will always come with the flexibility for you to choose between 1. Prep-to-Serve 2. Heat-to-Serve 3. Plate-to-Serve based on your comfort, capacity and business goals you can choose and change midway through your operation too.

Hungry Wheels aims to increase the Ease Of Doing Business for F&B sector and Retail industry. It provides you the convenience of single-window management for all licenses and permits applicable to your business with Hungry Wheels.

Customers are waiting. Where are you?

Do Dining Experiences

‘Cloud Kitchens on Wheels’ from Hungry Wheels create memorable, safe and convenient brand experiences through ‘Outdoor Dining’.

Build Your Brand

‘Cloud Kitchens On Wheels’ feed those building the nation by Working From Home. Electric, Naked-Kitchens you can see and trust, build brand trust.

Serve Safely

‘Cloud Kitchen On Wheels’ serve fresh-food to tired souls. Conveniently and safely accessible, just an elevator ride down to the park, or the parking.

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