Kitchen PODs unlock outdoor experience business

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About us

Hungry Wheels is transforming how Indian’s enjoy and experience outdoor life.¬†

Our multi-purpose Pods can become what you want them to be.

As kitchens – they provide to all our customers – the lowest-risk, highest-flexibility, and hence, the highest ease of doing business. Whether you are fresh to the food industry or a seasoned brand, if you are hungry to grow, Hungry Wheels is your partner.

We intend to fulfill this promise by providing headache free operational support in your non-core areas, which will be delivered through our trusted dealers.

The Hungry Wheels brand has been built by an experienced, professional and passionate founding team comprising an Army veteran, and an innovation veteran.

We promise to constantly innovate, to provide you with beautiful Pods, which become more valuable as they age.


Start outdoor dining

Safe & transparent experiences with ‘Open Kitchens’. Ideal for residential and office spaces.

Build brands

Serve fresh-food to tired souls. Park just a walk away, and build a loyal following.

Hope is nearby‚Äč

Feed the nation Working From Home. Park where customers are hungry… and waiting.

Edible Memories

Our e-magazine with opinions, on history, food and travel written by experts, also discover how we work and why we love what we do.