Open kitchen design of 'CLOUD1000' builds trust.

Features of 'CLOUD1000'

  • 1000 cubic feet kitchen
  • 150 sq. ft. floor space
  • Restaurant grade M.E.P. infrastructure
  • Safe, flameless, electric cooking
  • Dual side service windows
  • 25 ft. long service & display windows
  • Ergonomic serving height
  • 100 sq. ft. Halo Branding
  • Inclusive design for access
  • Zero emission, eco-friendly

About Hungry Wheels

Since memory the wheel has been solving problems and helping the human race move ahead – and then ‘Hungry Wheels’ happened. ‘Hungry Wheels’ provides Mobility As A Service (MAAS) to the F&B sector and Retail industry. Through its offerings of ‘Cloud Kitchens On Wheels’ and ‘Phygital Retail On Wheels’. Hungry Wheels vision is to be a resilient network for Entrepreneurship and Employment. Hungry Wheels aim is to provide the highest ease of doing business to entrepreneurs and corporates pan-India.

Customers are waiting. Where are you?

Do Outdoor Dining

‘Cloud Kitchens on Wheels’ from Hungry Wheels create memorable, safe and convenient brand experiences through ‘Outdoor Dining’.

Build Your Brand

‘Cloud Kitchens On Wheels’ feed those building the nation by Working From Home. Electric, Naked-Kitchens you can see and trust, build brand trust.

Serve Safely

‘Cloud Kitchen On Wheels’ serve fresh-food to tired souls. Conveniently and safely accessible, just an elevator ride down to the park, or the parking.

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