Build satisfaction, and 100% trust with naked kitchens

Research conducted by Harvard Business Review shows that Open Kitchens or Naked Kitchens influence both customers and cooks. While it was noted that the food technically did not change in taste, it had encouraged cooks to do better since they could see who was eating the food and how their food was perceived.

“Customer satisfaction with the food shot up 10 percent when the cooks could see the customers, even though the customers couldn’t see the cooks. In the opposite situation, there was no improvement in satisfaction from the baseline condition in which neither group could see the other,” said Ryan W. Buell, an assistant professor at Harvard Business School.

Service and customer satisfaction were higher when the kitchen staff and customers could see each other.

“…When customers and cooks both could see one another, satisfaction went up 17.3%, and service was 13.2% faster. Transparency between customers and providers seems to really improve service,” said Buell.

Vikram Sood, Hungry Wheels founder says, “I’ve always loved the concept of open kitchens because to me, it’s honest,” he says. “If I don’t hide anything from you, it means I’m telling you, ‘Listen, you can go to the heart of this operation, and see the ingredients I use, see how the food is prepared, and you will know the passion that goes into it.’ I don’t want to hide anything. It also keeps me honest.”

Covid19 has brought to the surface India’s deep-seated trust deficit on the hygiene of dark-kitchens or invisible cloud-kitchens or just hidden restaurant kitchens.

At Hungry Wheels, our brand value of transparency dictated our work from day zero.

We studied the key-fears of anyone dining out of their home, be it at a street-cart, a hole-in-the-wall shop, a cafe or a restaurant – the common theme was the lack of transparency.

Hence, you will find everything we provide – from the vehicle design to the service windows, to the technology platform are purpose-designed to create a fully transparent customer experience for you to create value as you do business. For example, a customer standing outside can see the floor and every corner of the kitchen-on-wheels, every time your customer orders using our platform, you get your customers’ contact data for retargeting and remarketing, even to run your own loyalty management programme.

With Hungry Wheels, trust-building is instant for you, making the Hungry Wheels solution a friendly solution for the elderly and discerning. This opens up your market appeal, perfect to build and grow your brand value.

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