Do you need restaurant grade M.E.P. when mobile?

You wouldn’t cut corners when it comes to your and your family’s health, so why opt for jugaad when choosing MEP infrastructure?Classically, in the construction world, M.E.P. stands for “mechanical, electrical and plumbing.” MEP engineering is the science and art of planning, designing and managing the MEP systems of a building.These elements are often designed […]

Design thinking at work in Hungry Wheels (Part 1)

Our lives are made up of human-machine interactions—with smartphones, televisions, internet-enabled parking meters that don’t accept coins – that have the power to delight and, often, infuriate. (“Maddening” is Vikram’s one-word description for 90-button TV remotes.) Into this arena has stepped a new class of professional: the user-experience, or UX, designer, whose job is to see […]

Mobility from Hungry Wheels takes you closer to your customers

5000 years ago, we started moving on our feet!          We left our families in search of food!          We left our villages in search of food!          In the early 1900s, we left our countries for food! Then something big changed!           In beginning 1900s radio came home!           Then TV came home!           In 1980s PCs came home!           In 1990s […]

Those ‘hungry to grow’, move early for advantage

Early movers are those who rise, arrive, or act before others.They gain the most.They gain the fastest.They grow the fastest.Our Early Bird offer, for the ‘Early Bird’ locked up within you.   Book a demo on https://hungrywheels.in/contact-us#mobilecloudkitchen #bengaluruchefs #streetfoodbangalore #bengalurufood #Bengaluru #hungrywheelsindia #cloudkitchen #chefpreneurs #chef #homechef #bengaluru_nodi #earlybird #offer #offeroftheday #OfferSale #bengalurufood #foodiesofinstagram #foodiesofindia #foodstagram

Retail on wheels, a 1000 year old story (part 1)

Since mankind started to organise itself into tribes and started co-dwelling, we started what could be called the first retail format or bartering. The first retail shops were probably in people’s homes, imagine the convenience of stepping out and the entire store is there?Hungry Wheels aims to bring the same unimaginable convenience to you, by […]

Retail on wheels, a 1000 year old story (part 2)

Trade during the Vedic timesIn vedic times this was fuelled by the Makers Of India. When urban culture flourished in cities like Harappa and Mohenjodaro, India had established trade and commercial relations with Sumer, Egypt and Crete. Lothal in Gujarat was one of the biggest port towns of that period with a huge dockyard constructed […]

‘Food’ the New Cartography

Mankind’s search for finding its context and new lands of opportunity has been going on since the beginning of life itself. In the past 3-4 decades, we stopped making maps to  find where we are. Instead eCommerce started a new movement of Demand Maps or Heat Maps. Now, software uses you as a landmark, with humans […]

Cloud1000, India’s first mobile cloud kitchen

The heart of the F&B business was and will always be the kitchen. Cloud1000 is a restaurant grade mobile cloud kitchen, which means now you can enter and grow your business and brand with lower risk and higher return.You can finally choose to do business on your terms, without losing your shirt on commissions:1. Start […]

Hungry Wheels launch at the FHRAI convention

Accordion item title Accordion content goes here! We Indians love our food – not just as a means of sustenance or survival but more so as entertainment, as acelebration to mark special occasions. Food is integrated into the fabric of our culture. We eat and feed to socialise, show affection, caring and all other great […]

Design thinking at work in Hungry Wheels (part 2)

In 2018 we began with one goal – Create the ‘Best Place Kitchen To Work’ for every Chef.As we began our work, it became very clear that Hungry Wheels would transform a Chef into a Chefpreneur, as an entrepreneur network – the power and the face would now be in the Chef’s hands.With entrepreneurship comes […]
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