India is hungry for outdoor dining

Presenting the greatest F&B growth platform!

Introducing, India’s first and only approved Mobile Restaurant Platform – Hungry Wheels. A smart and easy channel to grow your f&b business.

Built after years of rigorous global research, our scientific design, development and business model innovation has yielded a smart, ergonomic, and a contemporary concept for taking your restaurant to your customers with restaurant-grade kitchens on wheels.

Hungry Wheels provides every mobile restaurateur with:

  • Compliance services
  • Drivers and mobility
  • IntelliTech platform with mobile POS to OPS managers dashboards
  • Parking services

With its numerous layers of innovative services, and solutions they take your restaurant to your customers
so you focus only on the food and making profits. 

100% Designed in India, 100% Made in India, 100% Procured In India.

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