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Cloud1000, India’s first mobile cloud kitchen

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The heart of the F&B business was and will always be the kitchen. Cloud1000 is a restaurant grade mobile cloud kitchen, which means now you can enter and grow your business and brand with lower risk and higher return.

You can finally choose to do business on your terms, without losing your shirt on commissions:
1. Start a chain of delivery-only mobile cloud kitchens
2. Grow a multi-city franchise of delivery-only mobile cloud kitchens
2. Build your brand and serve customers where they are waiting, and hungry

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Build a food concept without losing your shirt.

Mobile Cloud Kitchens from Hungry Wheels is your secret weapon for starting out  expansion and expansion.

You cook, we’ll do the rest.

Our kitchens come with all the pieces of the operations puzzle, so you can focus on the food.

  • Restaurant grade kitchens-on-caravans: Commercial kitchens and storage space, designed to help you run your business with maximum efficiency and minimal cost.
  • Proprietary technology: Manage all your pick-up orders, take-aways and delivery orders from one tablet, and leverage the data to plan your supply chain and labor needs based on demand.
  • Drivers and locations: Your business location is planned faster and more accurately,
    thanks to our location team, which handles all of the logistics for you.
  • Facility management: We’ll take care of the cleaning, maintenance, and security – so you can focus on the food.

At Hungry Wheels we are looking for hungry-to-grow entrepreneurs.

Being entrepreneurs ourselves we understand it slows your growth when you try to do everything yourself.

Hungry Wheels intends to be your support back-bone, be there for you from Day-0, by taking care of all your non-core tasks.

As a Hungry Wheeler you will walk into an eco-system where you can focus on the most important parts, creating customer delight, delivering customer experience and creating a delicious product. 

Here is a glimpse of the Hungry Wheels eco-system, which is designed, built and nurtured for grow-mindset entrepreneurs.

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Wait… there is more. Learn about our IntelliTech platform, it has mobile POS so you don’t need to spend on custom hardware to bill, digital payment integrations from the word go, data analytics, loyalty and the best part? It is an automated marketing engine, which any an non-marketeer can master, you have access to all your customer data.


We serve those who serve others.

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